Hi I’m Nick travelling by bike around the Balkans.
This Website is a report about climate and energy topics in Southeastern Europe .

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Here I’m presenting you inspiring examples of the energy transformation we are all going through.

Therefore you can find interviews with local people on this website.

My current location and other reports I’m broadcasting over here:

Longer plannig phase than previously assumed

These days I’m preparing for my 13. intereuropean bikepacking trip.

Autumn arrived at my actual location in Greifswald and casts a spell over me with its pitoresk colors and late season’s remaining sunstrokes.

The interrupting windy and rainy weather conditions offer best opportunities to test gear like mobile wind turbines and meet an old friend

– the mud.

Bulgaria is a country with big efforts in energy transition

Bulgaria is going to be the region I’m going to focus on during the research trip.

The country has a hydro power plant tradition which lasts from socialist times. Still today water is the main green energy resource for the Bulgarian electricity supply but also the wind-/ and solar power plant sector grows rapidly.

The Change is Now

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